Sunday, September 7, 2008


About the Bears this season.

*Holds on to Devin Hester*

I amend this statement. Bears 29, Colts 13. A happy surprise.

*Holds on to Matt Forte*

Thesis watch: Evidently my desk is too cluttered for me to be writing a thesis. Or at least that's what Joseph has to say.

Book rec: Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Cubbie watch: Still holding my breath. Getting hard to breath


Miri said...

I write on my bed. but I don't have a desk. maybe joseph is right.

Rogue Unicorn said...

I write on my couch.
Don't give in. Embrace your lack of a desk. Really, as a person who spends all her working hours behind one, I find desks highly overrated.

Tobie said...

I tried to type in your page address from memory and ended up on the site

For a good two minutes, I was certain that you were ranting that anonymous clients did not take your headhunting skills seriously. And that you had chosen to call yourself Mr. Fitzgerald.

Just thought that I would share.

I too resist the desk, mostly because I hate chairs.

Rogue Unicorn said...

fallingfast, heh.
Maybe I am Mr. Fitzgerald?
Maybe I do want to be a french fry.

I think we should band together and create an anti-desk party. I wonder if we could get voted into parliament.

Miri said...

with just the three of us? doubtful we'd get enough seats to be of any influence. I too, am anti-char however; there just aren't enough places to put your legs. maybe if we expanded the party to include both an anti-desk and an anti-chair policy into our platform?

Miri said...

oh, and I definitely want to be a french fry. just saying.